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Email Spyware is home to the most powerful commercially available email spy software systems in the world. With your software you can monitor any email on your pc in total secrecy. Depending on your requirements, we have email spyware that monitors both web-based emails and pop3 (e.g. outlook) emails. To learn more about why you would want to spy on yours or someone else's email, please read the "Why Spy On Email?" article.

Email Spy Pro

Email Spy Pro is well known e-mail monitoring software. It allows you to record and forward incoming and outgoing emails, including web-mail services like Hotmail and Yahoo mail. Once installed on monitored computer it sends copies of all incoming and outgoing emails to your secret email address. Works with both: Web-based emails and POP3-based emails capture. Ideal for full workstation monitoring and email controls

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Email Spy Pro

Email Observer

EmailObserverô for Windows NT/2000/XP is a unique email monitoring software and surveillance tool created for a wide range of users either for ordinary home users or businessmen, corporations etc. With its help you can know the exact contents of email messages sent by your children, spouse or employees. Ideal for office pc monitoring and email controls

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Email Observer

EmailSpy Software

EmailSpy is the latest in monitoring technology allowing you to secretly record every incoming and outgoing email on the computer you install it to! You even have the option to forward these emails to any email address you want for remote viewing from a different location! Parents, spouses, and employers can all benefit from monitoring the email activity on their computers. Ideal for home or office pc monitoring and email controls

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Email Spy Software

Spy Mail

Spy Mail is the ONLY software that captures and records web-based email in Hotmail and Yahoo. Not only does Spy Mail capture it but the email is then sent to your own email address to be read. All of this is done without being detected by the user. Know exactly who your kids, spouse or employees are sending email to and reading email from. You will receive an exact copy of the email to your email address automatically and they will never know.

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Stealth Email Redirector

AdvancedSERô enables you to collect copies of all the outgoing emails from the particular PC. This program monitors outgoing traffic of the target PC's email client and intercepts all the messages sent from it. Intercepted emails are forwarded to a pre-specified email address. Advanced Stealth Email Redirector (Advanced SER) does not intercept emails sent from web-based email services like, etc. Ideal for pop3 email accounts on workstations or your home/office pc controls

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Stealth Email Redirector

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